Step Out

You can earn money every time you leave the house.

Step Out

Step Out is next generation of EartFi and Metaverse.

Members can earn money every time you leave the house. Whether walking, running or driving, you can earn tokens.

Start earning free! or Buy NFTs for higher returns and NFTs Limited can redeem limited shoes.


Step-out App.
Start running on Binance Smart Chain.
We are aimed at our users. Earn more And reduce the cost of traveling to various places. Whether it's fitness or work travel, you can receive tokens.

AppStore (Coming Soon)

Created with the purpose help people become healthier and wealthier, we always believe that we can reach our goal.

STO Contract address:0xdaB4CD0DDa22f765Eb7F8054317C3fB42d6956A0
GAS Contract address:0x351aBd9Caced7878D72A5562c0aeAE59a49fC843
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